How accurate is the prediction given at this site?
The predictions provided in this site are backed by the sound experience of our Guruji, who has been practising Astrology and giving 100% predictions for the last 20 years. For more information about our Guruji, please refer to the About Us pages. Also, separate link Junior Meena 2. Measure of accuracy can be judged by the mass popularity and usage of this site by many hundred thousand users from around the globe.

Will this portal be developed in other languages? If yes, when and in what languages?
Yes, we have scheduled to develop and enhance the user experience by developing this portal in Telugu.

Can I give some suggestions about this site?
Yes, you are most welcome to let us have your valuable comments / suggestions / feedback etc. You can use the feedback link accessible at the top and bottom of every page to write to us about anything regarding this site. We also welcome any request for new features that you expect us to have online.

How can I refer this site to my friend?
You can refer this site to your friends in two ways. One, by directly sending your friend an email about this site.Two, by using our Tell Others link at bottom of every page.Either way, your friend will appreciate your having shown him the way to the best portal on Indian Astrology Training.

Can I ask specific questions to Guruji about my problems?
Yes, You can get your problems solved by our Guruji.Can reach and solve the problems of people electronically.This system will be implemented as a part of our upcoming additional paid subscription plans in the next several days and we shall you about the same through the site.

My Question is not listed here. What to do?
You are welcome to send us your queries about any clarifications in the modules and the site as a whole.Our response rate is 100% and we usually respond in less than 48 hours. If you do not get a reply in 48 hours, please escalate and send the query again with urgent priority. We will respond to your queries at the first opportunity as soon as possible.

How often is this site updated with new content?
This site is frequently being updated with lots of new and improved astrology related content and better programming. These updates are sometimes done several times a day too.

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