Meena 2 Jr.

Meena 2 Jr.

Jyothisa Acharya, Naadi Jyothisa Kesari (JKR) Dr. NVRA Raja, popularly known as MEENA 2 JUNIOR is an eminent philosopher, counselor and practicing Astro-psychologist since 25 years. He did his graduation in science. He is in the mining profession for more than 3 decades. He had been appointed as “Asthana Jyothisa Vidwan” of Sri Ahobila muth by his Holiness 45th Srimath Azhagiya Singar at Ahobilam. He has been into the science of occult for a long time. He had the fortunate guidance of his father late Sri. N V Raghava Chary (Meena 2) who did 60 years of research in Jyothisa particularly in Stellar Astrology (Naadi). He was drawn to occultism and gradually destined towards astrology. His academic track record includes his successful pursuits of M.A in Astrology, M.A in philosophy and Religion, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, PhD in Astrology.

He is fully committed to professional and research activities in astrology. He has authored scholarly works and contributed a number of research articles to various journals. He has actively participated in a number of conferences, seminars and National & International workshops and presented research papers. Apart from profound interest for subject, he has a flair for teaching and counseling people in the field of astrology. He is the guest faculty and resource person to the master’s programme, in the Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad and visiting professor to a number of instituitions of astrology. He has many titles of honor to his credit in the field of astrology. He was conferred with the titles “Jyothisa Ratnakara”, “Jyothisa Vijnana Marthanda”,” Jyothisa Vidya Bhushanam”, “Jyothisa Maha Sidhanthi”, “Jyothisa Vidya Bhaskara”, “Jyothisa Acharya”, “Jyothisa Vidya Nipuna”, “Jyothisa Rakshamani”, “Daivagna Ratna”, “Daivagna Shiromani”, “Daivagna Bhushanam”, “Naadi Jyothisa Kesari”, “Jyothisa Marthanda, “Anthendriya Sakthi Sampannuylu” and “Daivagna Bhaskara” etc.,

Dr. NVRA Raja is an International Vice Chancellor for Yoga Samskrutham University, Florida, USA.

He desires that the subject, astrology should reach the end user who needs it and has been working hard towards this noble cause continuously.

He is the founder & chairman of JKR Astro Research Foundation. He conducts free astrology classes and teaching stellar astrology concepts to all astrology aspirants.

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He is the author of Practical Stellar Astrology, Jeeva & Sareera, Nakshatra Prasna, Kalamsa, Collection of Pearls.

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